Sonya Shropshire-Friel, PhD.

Counseling Services

Crafting this unpredictable, at times, painful and wondrous journey called life can be frightening and leave you feeling groundless. Feeling as though you're present and an active participant in your life can also prove difficult day-to-day. As a practicing psychologist, my role is to help you face these uncertain, overwhelming life moments. Through a collaborative therapeutic relationship, we will access the strengths you already possess, as well helping you develop skills to empower your ability to manage these situations. You'll have a confidential space to give voice to what hurts you, scares you and what can give you hope. "If it's mentionable, it's manageable." Life is uncertain, losses and life transitions happen. It's not the certainty of life we're aiming for; it's the living, managing and even thriving with the lack of it.

Pain in life is inevitable; continuing to suffer through your life is optional. There are a variety of treatments (e.g., cognitive behavioral techniques, clinical hypnosis, active listening and providing feedback) that will be customized to assist you deal with your particular challenges.